About Us

What Do We Do?
Houk Law exceptional credentials and vast experience meet accessible and pragmatic advisory skills. Clients need the expertise and benefits of larger firms, but they also want the active participation and responsiveness culture like the smaller firms, so provide them with both, and that is why they choose us. The immutable approach of “one firm fits all” to “full service” law is not necessary at all now. We attune legal solutions that best fits and succors each client to acquire the best result.
Our Goal
We make sure that we communicate properly with our clients, meet their requirements and advocate aggressively for them. Our ultimate goal is to achieve our clients’ goal.
We Can Help You
If you are a business that needs legal advice on a civil or commercial dispute, or require a criminal defense urgently, or want legal advice on a personal injury, divorce, or immigration, then Houk Law can assist and help you.

  • • Buying or Selling Business
    There is more than just a problem when you do a business whether small, medium, or large. Houk Law is capable resolve them.

  • • Dealing with Disputes and Claims
    We know that dispute can be any anything over anything. Houk Law help you in witnessing what “winning” looks like and how you can get there.

  • • Contractual Matters
    Negotiations usually have something undesirable with possible traps. Do not worry; we make sure that you avoid the pitfalls.

  • • Fraud
    What first step do you take if any fraud occurs? Our experts can tell you how to respond to this critical situation.

  • • Dealing with an Investigation
    Are you under investigation? We make sure that you get the specialist and strategic guidance in managing it.

  • • Defending an Allegation
    Contact us if someone is making an allegation(s) against you.

  • • Investing in Hong Kong
    If you are doing the expansion and investing overseas, then our specialists can help.

  • • Moving to Hong Kong
    It is not easy to move and reside in other countries. We are here to simplify the procedure for you.

  • • Holding Others to Account
    Sometimes it is not your fault, but things still get wrong. Do not worry; we can stand with you in this situation and hold others to account.

  • • Property Matters
    We can help you in taking commercial places, relocating and protecting your property interests.

  • • Protecting your Assets
    If you are not sure about protecting your assets, then we are here to ensure financial security.

  • • Protecting your Reputation
    If your reputation is at stake and you want to avoid the spotlight and protect yourself, then Houk Law is here.