Our Vision

As Tax law specialists, Houk Law’s vision is to provide our clients with high quality legal work, in a cost efficient and effective manner. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience as one of our clients, by giving you real time updates through our secure communication portals, so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a company who has your best interests at heart. Utilizing our highly secured channels, you can feel confident in sharing sensitive information to us, knowing that it will not be shared to any third party. We provide you with straightforward legal advice that you can understand, we know how confusing legal jargon is, so we know that speaking your language is an important part of resolving your tax issues.

- Houk Law Helps Individuals and Businesses With Their Tax Problems.
- IRS Tax Settlement/Offer in Compromise
- IRS Payment Plans
- IRS Audits
- Disclosure of Foreign Assets/FBARs
- Installment Agreements
- Tax Audits