International Tax

US based companies conducting business overseas, may face many challenges in terms of tax compliance. These companies are subjected to the local tax authorities in the target country and must also comply with U.S tax law. Many countries do have ongoing tax treaties with the U.S that assist international operating businesses avoid “double-Taxation” while others do not. As the global market for products is continually expanding, “double taxation” has an increased chance of being problematic for U.S businesses.

The IRS has also increased its efforts to pursue internationally operating business who are violating tax law in the U.S, by using off-shore banking facilities. Through the use of criminal investigations and civil audits, the IRS has been focusing on combating tax evasion and tax fraud, with the assistance of the Department of Justice, they have expanded their programs of information sharing with nations, banks and financial institutions around the world.

Our Experienced team here at Houk Law advise companies, trusts, banks and individuals with grasping international tax law issues. We assist with creating or building on existing plans to make sure you are complying within the law when dealing overseas. Every member of our team here at Houk Law have the necessary skills, the in depth knowledge and the know how to deal with all types of tax issues, this stemming from years of hard work and constant learning, we are dedicated to develop strategies that work for you and your business when it comes to international taxation law. Ensuring you can safely continue with your daily business activities knowing you are in complete compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries you are dealing with.