Tax Settlement Services
Whether it is your monthly book keeping, your year-end tax filing, or resolving on going tax disputes, many individuals and businesses know that handling their tax needs themselves is a complicated and time consuming job. At Houk Law, our tax law specialists are committed to providing professional tax law services, in a cost effective manner. Houk Law attorneys work closely with you to create a unique plan which is tailored to your needs. With our 10+ years of experience we have collectively worked with 500+ clients and helped resolve over 1000 cases each requiring a different approach. There is no case we won’t address and no needs that won’t be met.

Houk Law Services Include All of the Following:
Looking For Tax Preparation Assistance?
Individuals and businesses around the world, have come to Houk Law for our leading end of year tax preparation services. Our team work closely with you to ensure that all of your documentation, credits and deductions are handled efficiently at the end of every tax year. Our team our dedicated to making sure the stress of tax law and tax preparation is removed as much as possible from your business, or personal tax filing. Houk Law goes the extra mile to ensure our work is accurate and guaranteed to pass inspections.

Do You Need Bookkeeping Options?
Houk Law, has a proven background in accounting services to assist our clients with all of their book keeping needs. Our team here at Houk Law will work with your business to report, save, and create a strategy for the future. We understand how long it can take to do your book keeping, if you are a small business or a large business time is money, but it is important for the future of your business that you effectively manage and maintain your financial reports. We will work with you, or your team to handle all monthly duties including preparing reports, quarterly and annual reports, and month by month reports so you can maintain the deep understanding of the inner workings of your business.