Comprehensive Representation

The team of international tax lawyers at Houk Law represents business clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the United States Tax Court, the United States Court of Federal Claims, United States District Courts and state taxing authorities in all types of business tax matters, including:

• IRS civil tax audits
• IRS criminal tax investigations
• Tax penalty relief
• International Tax Planning
• IRS technical advice requests
• Private letter ruling requests
• IRS collection, including liens, levies, & seizures
• Employment tax disputes
• Worker classification
• Tax shelter investigations
• Partnership tax / TEFRA
• Valuation disputes

The attorneys at Houk Law understand the complex tax codes, and statutes that govern business organizations are continually evolving. The tax attorneys at Houk Law work hard to keep up to date with new regulations, and give you the information so that you will be safe when it comes to your taxes. We keep you updated by keeping close contact so that in an ever evolving array of legal changes you can adapt, and overcome these issues with no stress.

For more information about our business tax law practice, or to discuss your business tax concerns with an experienced and respected lawyer, contact us at info@houklaw.com